Dr. Kedar Narsingh K.C.,

Chair Person

Dear viewers;

Very Happy New Year 2076 to all the  respected viewers and readers by Chair Person, on behalf of myself and B. P. Smriti Hospital and B. P. Memorial Health Institute and Research Centre family members.

It’s been 11 years, this institute serving the people. Initially with the ideas of  and member of 39 individuals, this hospital was erected with the objectives of medical services to the poor people and medical education and production of lower and middle level health personals.

Dr. Sekhar Koirala, respectable leader of Nepali Congress Party, Former Member of Parliament was leading the institute in the initial phase which was handed over to me. With the vision of our Preceders, vision provided by the members of General Body, members of Executive Body and hospital and college staff, the hospital and college, is smoothly running on its forward progression. I want to thank all the colleagues of executive body for their supportive roles and visionary advices provided in the meetings.

From Rented house at Narayan Chaur Naxal to again rented house at Basundhara to Hospital’s own building at present site Kanti Marga, is a long marathon tour until 2074 Magh 13. People who are directly involved in raising B. P. Smriti Hospital and B. P. Memorial Health Institute and Research Centre, are thankful from the bottom of  my heart. I would like to thank people who are indirectly involved in the development of this institute as well. If I go 10 years back in remembering the events of the hospital, I would say, the facilities and services which are delivering to the patients and clients at present is many times advance and in easy way. Though 39 primary members started the institute, 586 members altogether are at the back to uplift as required in the future.

I am, if I say, satisfied with the services provided by the institutions; it may be immature, because the institute has to work and lift up further. For the same, me and my team are working with immense, I would say, effort. To our viewers and readers, this hospital and college is made for you, made for those people who are economically compromised and also to those who are at their sound economic condition. Hospital is in its progression of development and addition of new services and technologies which will give services to the patients.

I will be updating my pen at reasonable intervals when required. I request you to love the hospital and take services.

With my warm regards and love,

Dr Kedar N. KC