Dr Dhan Bahadur Rana Magar;

Chief Executive Medical Director:

Very warm greetings to the readers,

Very happy and prosperous New Year 2076 to everyone,

It’s been 11 years already; B.P.Smriti Hospital is providing its service to the seekers. B.P.Memorial Health Institute and Research Centre have already graduated each 8 batches of Health Assistants and Staff Nurses.

Although in the initial phase, the hospital was at rented houses in Naxal and Basundhara Kathmandu, but now it has its own hospital building at Kanti Children Hospital road, Tilingatar, Kathmandu from Magh 13, 2074 onwards. However, spaces still is not enough, more spaces in the hospital is required, since institute wants to be elaborated all the time.

Twenty four hour hospital services are available in B.P.Smriti Hospital. General Medicine, Specific Pulmonology and Gastroenterology medicine, General Surgery, GI Surgery, Uro-medicine and Surgery, Neuro-medicine and surgery, Gynecological and Obstetric Surgery, ENT Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Dentistry, Radiology, Pathology (Histology and Cytology including), Physiotherapy services, Adult ICU, Children ICU, Newborn ICU, Post operative services, Pharmacological Services are the major services to the patients and clients.

B.P. Smriti Hospital has run B.P.Memorial Health Institute and Research Centre (BPMHIRC) who is producing Health Assistants and Staff Nurses 40 each, every year for last 8 years. The feedback received is, manpower produced by BPMHIRC are excellent and are distributed throughout the country.

There is no limitation of hospital services. The services available in the institute at present are very good in my medical experienced vision. But it is reader’s duty to guide us in the Excellency of the hospital services. Maintenances, modelling and remodelling are the basic tools in updating the hospital services, for which my leadership will be at the same track. My priority job will be focused to provide extended facilities to the patients and patient party and clients, at first. Technical and Administrative staff in the hospital as well as college are at core level to be facilitated, who provide sound magnified quality services to the seekers.

Hospital will be adding its additional services like CT scan, Dialysis, Rehabilitation centre etc in very near future. Space for the hospital is compromised which is in keen need to be expanded and will be done the same in near future by executive body and General body, I hope.

With very warm wishes

Dr Dhan B Rana Magar